Does Pet Insurance Protect Your Animal After You Die?

Most people find insurance a difficult topic to understand.  First, it concerns uncomfortable topics such as illness, accidents, injuries, theft and death.  It is easy to get confused about what kind of insurance does what.

For example, pet insurance generally refers to covering your pet’s serious illnesses and/or accidents but it may not cover the animal after you are dead.  To be sure, you need to ask your insurance broker and read the fine print.

Owner Bequest

This is the terms for pet insurance that covers your animal when you have died so if you are shopping for pet insurance, make sure you determine if this terminology is in the policy you are seeking.

Not a Replacement for a Pet Trust

Providing your loved ones with a guarantee of funds for your pet after your death is an important consideration.  However, its not enough.  You might want to transfer ownership of your pet to someone who has great love for animals or for your specific animal.  You may have certain comforts of life requirements (animal is not allow outside the house, should have a designated sleeping place, receive regular check ups and the like) that need to be made explicit.  Those instructions are appropriately placed in a pet trust document.


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