That Pooch Should be in Pictures

An important part of estate planning is understanding the personalities, needs, habits and desires of the family members that we are providing for in the estate planning documents.  Sometimes if we are dealing with a child with special needs, we might videotape the child so we can show a later guardian how the child likes to play, learn, eat, interact and socialize, etc.  If the parent suddenly died, this video can show in real time about the child because the parent is can’t.

Well, there’s absolutely no reason why this principle does not apply to our pets. For example, my client took videos for her dobie “Banker”. She took a video of his food and her food preparation (BTW: this 120-lb beast eats better than her husband); she videoed the types of bones and toys she gives Banker (he once choked on pull-part rawhide); and she videoed and explained the type of bedding so the Guardian would know the best suitable bedding. It sounds strange but there’s so much that can be seen and said on a video and/or preserved for that unfortunate later time by our pet’s guardian when we won’t be around to tell them the important things in our pet’s health and life.

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